Again, Don’t Self-Medicate the COVID-19 Cure!

By hitapnews


With reference to our previous post on Facebook, What will happen if you are diagnosed with COVID-19? you can see what drugs are being used in hospitals for COVID-19 treatment and palliative care. This article aims to forewarn that you shouldn’t self-prescribe the following medications since they have been produced and reserved for use in particular treatments of other illnesses, but their actions might be effective against COVID-19. Self-medication without professional care might be a cause of death.

The first off-label drug is hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine which is used to prevent and treat malaria, amebiasis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and immunological diseases. Either hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine has been prescribed for hospitalised COVID-19 patients due to its anti-inflammation effect, but it may provoke nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, cardiac arrhythmia and vision problem. Thus, it should be used under care of doctors.

Darunavir is another one that is usually used in combination with ritonavir to treat HIV/AIDS. Although darunavir cannot completely eliminate HIV/AIDS from the body, daily intake of its dose helps reduce the amount of the virus inside patients, allowing them to regain better health and lower the ability to spread the virus. The reason why darunavir is being in off-label use for COVID-19 treatment is that it has been tested in laboratory in China as a potential treatment for coronavirus and found that it might be effective. However, its side effects, which vary and differently occur to some cases, include high blood glucose level, diarrhea, nausea and headache. Some might experience joint pain, muscular pain, skin rash and other severe skin problem and liver problem in some severely affected patients.

Concerning ritonavir and lopinavir, they are, too, often used together as HIV drugs and have been previously tested as a treatment for SARS. With common characteristics of SARS and COVID-19, both ritonavir and lopinavir are thus used as off-label medication for COVID-19 treatment. You should be aware that self-prescribing such drugs might come across undesirable symptoms like fatigue, headache, heartburn, blister and numbness. Its use should therefore be under doctor’s care.

The final off-label drug is favipiravir, an influenza antiviral that has been clinically experimented with COVID-19-positive patients, developed and proved by China to be an effective treatment for the novel coronavirus. Nevertheless, only limited amounts of favipiravir are allowed to be imported from China and Japan. From this limitation, the medicine must be reserved for the infected patients who need it the most, such as those with pneumonia.

Indeed, you can protect yourself from the COVID-19 infection by regularly sanitising your body and surrounding areas, avoiding going out if not necessary, wearing face covering every time you are in crowded places, refusing to share personal items with others and maintaining social-distancing, etc. You are welcome to check out more about COVID-19 prevention at our HITAP THAILAND Fanpage HITAP THAILAND Fanpage นะครับ