The Innovation for Tracking COVID-19’s Patients with no Symptoms

By hitapnews

This COVID-19 pandemic is partly due to the spread through asymptomatic infected individuals - since they think they are perfectly fine, they continue to live as usual. According to a research, the highest potential viral spreading period of the infected group with no symptoms or mild symptoms is 2.3 days before onset of symptoms, which means it might be too late by the time they realised they were the spreaders.

In an effort to prevent further viral spreading from these stealthy spreaders to others, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH) has collaborated with Apple and Google to develop a digital tracing technology for tracking COVID-19 patients.

As for the function of digital tracing, the volunteers will have the tracing application installed to their smartphones. If a phone user tests positive for COVID-19, the app will alert other users that happened to have come in close contact with the patient, and advise them to immediately be in home quarantine.

Still, further experiments and data gatherings need to be done, and the rollout will be started in May. Nevertheless, this might be at least another solution to reduce viral spreading for the present days and the future.