The first coronavirus has existed since 1965 !

By hitapnews

Coronavirus has been presented with human since a long time ago. In 1965, a virus of the coronavirus family was first described through a research led by a virologist David Tyrrell. The research team studied nasal washings from volunteers with common cold and found several viruses including the sample called B814.

The team intranasally inoculated volunteers with the original specimen, and the volunteers developed colds afterwards. The researchers then found that the B814 can pass a bacteria-tight filter, and is inactivated by ether, but it does not fit with in any known germ.

The research team inferred that these viruses are members of previously unrecognised group which they therefore suggest that it should be called coronaviruses from its more-or-less rounded profile, surrounded with round or petal shape fringes, recalling solar corona.