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By hitapnews

Washing hands with soap or rubbing alcohol is one the best protective practices against COVID-19. The rubbing alcohol must contain alcohol more than 70% in content in order to be effective in killing 99.9% of germs by destroying the protein coat that surrounds the germs.   

Earlier, rubbing alcohol with 70% of alcohol content was considered a medical equipment. Manufac-turers were requested to possess a license that permits the production and the sale of medical equipment. However, due to COVID-19 outbreak, people make such a high demand of the alcohol that it eventually is out of stock. Food and Drug Administration of the Thai Ministry of Public Health therefore declared that the rubbing alcohol was recategorized as a cosmetic product, which means it can be produced without the license. However, the alcohol content must be over 70% in content. Any less alcohol content will result to ineffectiveness which might lead to resistances to alcohol. Therefore, before purchasing rubbing alcohol, you should study the label thoroughly, which includes

  1. Category of cosmetic products
  2. Brand name and cosmetic name
  3. All ingredients in the product
  4. Usage
  5. Suggestion/warning (if any)
  6. Name-location of manufacturer (if domestically produced) or name-location of importer with name and country of production (if imported)
  7. Net content
  8. Lot number
  9. Manufacture month/year
  10. Expiry month/year
  11. 10-digit product registration number (most importantly!); e.g, 10-1-53-99999

For your safety and to ensure quality products as stated in the label and which are lawful, you can double check 10 digit registration number through this website

or Oryor Smart Application or contact our hotline 1556


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