How to work from home like a pro

By hitapnews

Working form is a measure to tackle the spread of COVID-19, but it might not be as easy for some of us.

HITAP gathered some guidance on how to work from home efficiently from the recommendation by Thai Department of Disease Control and a BBC article, which asked experts on management and psychology as well as refer to a survey among those who work from home full time. This guide might help you improve your performance while leading a quality life away from COVID-19.

1. Working from home means actually working from home

The main purpose for working from home during the pandemic is to create social distance. The spread of the virus can be reduced through a decrease in commuting and gathering of people at work. Everyone should therefore not work at other places than home, e.g. at a coffee shop or in another province. When working from home, you should stay home and refrain from unnecessary travel. In case it cannot be avoided, you should wear a surgical or fabric mask and keep 1-2 metres distance from others

2. More distance needs more communication

Keeping distance, especially from your colleagues and team who have to work together, means you need to communicate more to compensate the missing face-to-face interaction. Communication needs to be clear. One may set a 10-minute session every morning for discussion to start the day. Being at a distance from each other reduce the effectiveness of communication and mistakes and misunderstanding may follow.

3. Work the way you would at your workplace

Take a shower, put on make-up (if you do) and do everything you normally do when you go to work at the office. Psychologically, dress in work clothes will prepare your mind to be ready to work.
Moreover, you should arrange a workspace. It can be a closed room or a corner. If you are at the space, your family members will know that you are working and will refrain from distracting you.
Office supplies is also important and needs preparation if your home is not well equipped enough for you to work smoothly.

4. Stay clean, stay healthy

Regularly clean your place, especially common areas, such as restroom, staircase rail, doorknob, with detergent solution. Do not share things like handkerchief, glass, spoon and fork. Also keep your hands clean by wash your hands with soap or alcohol gel (Note: soap is more powerful against virus than alcohol gel), and do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth if not necessary.
Moreover, during a long period of working from home, you should monitor your health and share your health status to your colleague regularly. If you find yourself or a family member sick with fever with cough, runny nose, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, you and your family member should see a doctor immediately.

5. Stay cheerful and avoid loneliness

A survey found that 19% of those working from home full-time feel lonely, which demotivated them from working. Hence less productivity. Working from home for a long time is like running a marathon. You need to know when to work more and less. Allocate some time to make your life more cheerful.
You may arrange an informal meeting without a specific agenda. The meeting will be for chatting among team members to reduce stress, like when you chat during lunch break when you are in the office, or hang out online with friends you cannot meet face-to-face.

These are something you may apply to make yourself more productive and happily working from home. In the COVID-19 time, which likely to last long, these may be helpful.

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