HITAP กำลังดำเนินงานวิจัยเรื่องโควิด-19

Living Well

COVID-19 put a pressure on both physical and mental health.

It causes stress and anxiety, and changes lives of people around the world.

How can we maintain both physical and mental health through this situation?

Impact and Policy

COVID-19 hits more than half of the world and kills many lives. Policy is warranted to tackle this, and this may affect both people and the country as a whole. How COVID-19 and related policies affect people and how to contain the unneeded spillover? Exploring these issues will take us through this together.

Treatment and Health System

Vaccines and medicines is the hope in battling COVID-19. Until the day we have them arrives, health system need to be deal with the disease with whatever resources available. How is COVID-19 being treated? Are health systems still doing fine? If not, what is up next.

FAQ about COVID-19

For laypeople

When and how will COVID-19 pandemic end?

COVID-19 pandemic may end in 2 ways.

1. COVID-19 becomes available - This can take 12-18 months. When at least approximately 60% of people is vaccinated, the number of immuned individual will be enough to create herd immunity effect that COVID-19 cannot spread further

2. Natural immune - In the situation where there is no vaccine. This will take at least 2 years until people is infected and develop immune naturally to achieve the same level of heard immunity as vaccines would make available.

However, there is the third possibility that there is not clear endpoint for the pandemic, and some measures to tackle COVID-19 will continue to be in place. However, a permanent change in people's behaviour and hygiene will slow the spread.

Source: BBC, 25 March 2020 https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51963486

For Public Health Personnel


COVID-19 is a new disease about which mankind knows so little. There are many questions to be answered, and some answers are listed here.